Sushi delivery in Brighton

If we told you that one of the best dishes you would ever try was vinegary rice, shredded vegetables and slices of raw tuna, you would likely turn up your nose. But if you read a menu of the finest sushi in Brighton, this is exactly what you would find! Deliciously sticky rice balls with slices of fish on top – often rare as in sashimi dishes, but sometimes cooked – sushi is a food that comes fresh and beautifully prepared. In a cultural city like Brighton where art is appreciated, there’s amazing sushi to be found – we know, because we found it!

Allow Deliveroo to bring you the best of Brighton’s sushi, whether you’re caught up at the office, or at home. Our online menu listings cover the dishes of Brighton’s top-quality sushi restaurants, ready for your selection with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Brighton: The place to find the best Sushi around

Brighton is mostly famed for its seaside sticks of rock and fish and chips. Some people love the eclectic falafel stands that decorate the avenues of the city but if you want something truly authentic and different, sushi is the way to go. Brighton is a city filled with young and dynamic businesses and dynamic companies require a lunchtime menu that will impress. Deliveroo’s sushi options for Brighton are fantastically tasty, deliciously light and great for the waistline.

Deliveroo have the lowdown on the finest sushi in the city. Sushi is meticulously prepared so when you receive your order for platters of nigiri and maki, you know a lot of time and effort has gone into your meal. Sushi is small in size and big on flavour and these morsels of mackerel, salmon and scallops are expertly seasoned, so dunking the fish bites into bowls of soy sauce is not okay. Delicate dipping is required with sushi, although usually, chopsticks are not!

Sushi in Brighton is there for you when you want something light, delicious and different from the standard takeaway options. Take your time choosing your order, but choose with Deliveroo for a high-quality service to remember.