Sushi delivery in Birmingham

The tightly seaweed-wrapped treats we know as sushi are one of the most famous types of food to come from Japan. To the uninitiated, this popular Japanese fare may also be dismissed due to it being raw fish. It’s not true! The fish contained in sushi is cooked, and this is perhaps a common misunderstanding because sushi is traditionally served with sashimi on the side – this is raw sliced fish. 

Anyway, Birmingham’s range of sushi houses around the city are on hand to bring this intriguing cuisine into the homes of sushi fans and newcomers alike. With its preparation by expertly trained chefs, and delicate flavours to put fish in the spotlight, sushi is an ideal choice for people who enjoy their food pared down and subtle. It’s also perhaps the healthiest thing that you could order, and a guilt-free takeaway is never a bad thing! 

Birmingham: sink your teeth into fresh sushi

If you enjoy fish, sushi is certainly worth checking out. While in the past you may have enjoyed salmon accompanied by cream cheese, or feasted on a seaside cod covered in crispy beer batter, sushi brings up a new way of experiencing fish. That is, the fish in sushi is not covered in anything special; instead, the fish in sushi is fresh, sliced thinly, and served without adornment, giving the chance for the full flavours in the fish to ‘speak for themselves’. 

The dipping sauces which accompany sushi include soy sauce, pickled radish and wasabi. These options complement the sushi and help to bring out its flavours. Sushi rice is also commonly infused with either green tea, vinegar or even rice wine. Again, these subtle flavours resonate with the subtle flavourings of the sushi filling. 

Some of the most popular sushi rolls are tuna and avocado, salmon and cod roe. So, sushi perhaps isn’t as obscure as people might think. If you’re in the mood for something healthier, sushi will work as a refreshingly light snack with delicate flavours to be savoured. Our delivery drivers will promptly bring your order to ensure a restaurant-quality bite tonight!