Sushi delivery in Belfast

Tasty, bite-size and moreish – there’s nothing quite like settling back to enjoy multiple courses of sushi favourites. Whether you’re a hardcore sushi enthusiast and can’t get enough sashimi (raw fish), or you prefer to stick to cooked fish and California rolls, there is much to choose from.

Sushi restaurants have become more popular across the UK over the last decade or so, and now with so many excellent takeaway choices, you may not know where to start. And that’s where we come in! Deliveroo have collected together all the best sushi restaurants across Belfast and listed their menus for you to browse. Order your favourite dishes online and we’ll bring your sushi delivery straight to your door. With so many different dishes to try, it’s the perfect way to entertain family and friends.

Belfast: A great city for sushi lovers

If you thought sushi was a modern invention, you couldn’t be more wrong. It actually goes back to the 8th century in Japan as a way to preserve fish in fermented rice. Luckily, the sushi we’re talking about is much more than that! Much of the sushi available in the UK has had Westernised tastes influence the dishes. And there are almost endless varieties.

You could start with California rolls, stuffed with avocado, crab, cucumber, nori (dried seaweed) and sesame seeds. Dip in soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) for that authentic taste. A dragon roll has avocado on the outside and the sushi rice (flavoured with mirin, a Japanese vinegar) inside, along with crab, eel and cucumber.

Or perhaps you’d like to try a tiger roll with tempura-battered prawns, avocado and cucumber in this delicious bite. A spider roll combines cucumber, sprouts and soft-shell crab with a spicy mayo. There are so many more dishes on offer, we can’t list them all here – see our listings for much, much more. No matter what kind of sushi you are in the mood for, save yourself the hassle of going out. Order in some delicious Japanese food with Deliveroo.