Sushi delivery in Basingstoke

The first thing that pops into your head when you think about Japanese cuisine will be sushi. Those tightly wrapped little rolls of raw fish, vinegared rice and seaweed are some of the freshest types of food you can eat - and they look pretty too! When you’re in the office working late, you need Deliveroo to bring you a delivery of delicious sushi rolls to get through the night.

If salmon sashimi puts a smile on your face, or the thought of raw fish sends a shiver down your spine, there is a whole range of delicious types of sushi for you. Play it safe with a vegetable option - fresh, crunchy vegetables will keep you going! If you’re fond of seafood, you can order nigiri (rice balls stuffed with shellfish, fish, tuna, eel, shrimp, octopus and eggs). Even norimaki, which is prepared inside out, makes a delicious takeaway.

Basingstoke: Chopsticks at the ready - order in sushi tonight!

As a Japanese delicacy like sushi has become more popular in Basingstoke, a plethora of restaurants offering this fresh cuisine have opened up. Great news for you - you have so much choice when you need to get your seaweed fix! All you need to worry about is which place to choose from, with many restaurants in Basingstoke covered.

Sushi is delicately put together and is as enjoyable for your eyes as it is your tastebuds. Get those chopsticks ready and be sure to have your wasabi on hand for a truly authentic experience. Not sure of what to order? Why not try temaki or temakizushi - conical and hand rolled, wrapped with nori seaweed and stuffed with vegetables, seafood and sushi rice. For something more vegetarian-friendly, be sure to include inari or inarizushi (sushi rice filled into tofu bags) to your takeaway order.

Round up your friends and place an order for a whole heap of sushi to be delivered to your front door. Before you know it, some of the best sushi in Basingstoke will be gracing your plate to be devoured with chopsticks. Make your choice, place your order and wait for your delicious delivery with Deliveroo!