Sushi delivery in Aylesbury

Chinese and Indian food have long been takeaway staples in the UK, but over the last decade or so, a shift in tastes has meant that Japanese food, and specifically sushi, has grown in popularity. For those looking for a tasty dish, strong with traditional Asian flavours, spices and textures, and also seeking the healthier kind of takeout, then sushi is a great option. It seems people in the UK just can’t get enough, and it’s no different in Aylesbury.

Luckily for sushi-lovers in Aylesbury, Deliveroo can help you find the perfect California roll, prawn tempura or sashimi. And what’s more we make sure your sushi delivery from your favourite restaurant gets right to your door. What could be better? All you need to do is order online from our listings of sushi restaurants in Aylesbury, settle back and relax and wait for delicious food to come to you.

Aylesbury: The perfect place for lovers of sushi

It’s all about the rice when it comes to sushi. In fact, the whole cuisine originated with sushi-meshi (rice flavoured with vinegar), combined with lots of other ingredients. These range from sashimi (raw fish) to cooked eel, lots of vegetables, some sliced raw meats and even fruit. Although some sushi uses raw fish, many also use cooked or treated fish and meat, and many are vegetarian. You can’t have sushi without the side portions of super-hot wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce.

Try a California roll (a makizuchi, with avocado, cucumber and crab) or a Norway roll (uramakizushi) filled with omelette (tamago), crab and cucumber. A roll with rice on the outside is called uramaki and can be made with tuna, crab meat, avocado, cucumber or carrots. There are so many kinds of on offer, why not order in lots of new ones to find some new taste sensations? Or stick to tried and tested favourites if you know what you love.

One of the best takeouts you can get if you have friends or family coming over, sushi is tasty and filling yet light and interesting. Whichever rice and fish (or whatever else!) combination you want, Deliveroo can help.