Sushi delivery in Aberdeen

If you've never tried sushi, now is the time. If you already love this Japanese staple then keep eating. The five basic kinds of sushi are nigiri, sashimi, maki, uramaki and temaki. These are not only scrumptious and moreish, they're super healthy too. The fish on a ball of vinegary rice is nigiri. Dip a little sashimi into soy source and savour the moment. See, eating sushi is the easy part, making it, though, is a skill. It is a food the good people of Aberdeen are more than happy to order from a takeaway restaurant, and Deliveroo is at your service.

The flavourful tastes of sushi come from seafood, meat, vegetables and even tropical fruits. Vegetarian sushi is just as tasty, dipped into wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. Enjoy the popular garnishes too, many of which are made using daikon - a kind of mild-flavoured winter radish.

Aberdeen: Sushi is set to be the new finger food

Sushi is relatively new to Scotland but it's not a new food. It began life as a Far East Asian staple sometime in the 8th century. It's taken a while to reach us, but now we have it, Scots can't get enough of sushi. No platter is complete without some seaweed-wrapped maki rolls. And sushi with rice on the outside - uramaki - should also be on the table.

Traditionally, the Japanese eat with chopsticks. Most Aberdonians, though, and others around Scotland, enjoy these bite-sized snacks as healthy finger foods. It's the variety and lightness on the table that makes Japanese sushi so appealing. Heck, if ever there was an armchair diet, this is probably it.

There are many sushi toppings to enjoy, but the most popular for western palates have to be tuna (maguro) and salmon (sake). Others worth a try include yellowtail (hamachi), large cooked shrimp (ebi), and fresh water eel (unagi). Sushi beginners find the softer fish the easiest, but there are plenty of others to try. Still, not every restaurant that offers home delivery in Aberdeen will cater for octopus, squid, salmon eggs and herring roe - but some will.