Pizza delivery in York

Pizza is loved the world over, and York is no different. It comes in all shapes and sizes; stuffed crust or thin base, deep pan Chicago style or covered in salad for the healthier option - no matter how you like it, nothing curbs those hunger pangs quite like a pizza does. We’re not talking about the standard takeaway pizza either - we mean gourmet pizza with your favourite toppings from the best restaurant in town.

Of course, you cannot be expected to venture out for great pizza - and why should you? No, we think you should sit back and let Deliveroo do the running around. We’ll bring you a delivery of the freshest, finest pizza, cooked to perfection in one of York’s best-loved pizza parlours brought right to your door. All you have to do is order it and answer the door. Sounds good!  

York: Unique and authentic Pizza from across the globe

When it comes to pizza, nothing is out of reach! Think of any combination and it has probably graced the lovingly-made, hand-stretched dough, slathered in passata and covered in a creamy blanket of mozzarella. Whether your like yours layered in meats or covered in greens for the vegetarian option, you’ll be able to order your perfect pizza for delivery with Deliveroo.  

Everyone loves cheese and the best way to get your cheese-fix is through a delicious stone-baked pizza - whether you go for a quattro formaggio style pizza or you opt for that oozing stuffed crust. Venture out from the classics like ham and mushroom or double pepperoni; order your pizza sprinkled with olives, sundried tomatoes or anchovies. Get a personal little pizza to satisfy your cravings, or one so big that it covers the table. The choice is yours.   

Why bother cooking when there is a whole world of restaurant-quality pizza at your fingertips? You know it makes sense. Let Deliveroo do the hard work and bring you a delicious pizza right to your door; fries, dips and garlic bread are optional (but encouraged).