Pizza delivery in Windsor

Pizza. The food of kings, at least that’s what we believe here at Deliveroo. The options are unlimited. Thick crust? Thin crust? Stuffed crust? Pepperoni? Onions? Pineapple? Many pizza restaurants in Windsor offer the ability to create your own pizza, made to order just for you. Choose from a variety of pizza toppings including meatballs, asparagus, broccoli and a plethora of cheeses! We will have whatever concoction you can conjure up ready and on your doorstep while it’s still piping hot.

Thanks to our array of drivers that now cover the majority of this market town, ordering pizza has never been so easy. This Italian staple is in full abundance across Windsor, and we’ve partnered with almost all of them, giving you the freedom of choice. So go on, place an order, we’ll take care of the rest.

Windsor: Ordering pizza is simple with Deliveroo

We all love a good pizza and, thanks to the variety of takeaways in Windsor, that succulent abundance of cheese and dough can be complemented with whatever toppings your imagination can think up, all served and made to order for you. We have drivers covering most parts of this quaint market town, which means your unique pizza can be delivered straight to your door, complete with a variety of dips and sauces, tailored to your taste buds.

Explore the beauty of this Italian staple by opting for a margherita pizza and choose from a variety of cheeses, or go classic pepperoni and explore all that cured meats have to offer. If that’s not your thing, Honolulu has the answer. The loved Hawaiian pizza, topped with ham and pineapple, is the island’s variation on a classic Italian staple. The question remains: thick or thin crust? 

The smorgasbord of pizzas in Windsor is overwhelming, but we can make it simple. With Deliveroo, you can forget the hefty queue times and put your feet up, because when you order with us, you know that your pizza is in good hands, day or night.