Pizza delivery in Swindon

When you're thinking about comfort food, can anything compare to the classic pizza? From a crispy-based Italian pizza made with hand-stretched dough, to a thick and fluffy American-style pizza pie, pizzas are the perfect mix of ingredients. The almost sweet tomato sauce, carbohydrate base and salty cheese combine to make an absolutely unbeatable dinner. And that's before you start adding delicious toppings into the mix.  

If you want to enjoy great restaurant pizza at home, then there's an easy solution. With Deliveroo, you can get pizza from the best Italian and American restaurants brought directly to your door, freshly baked and still hot from the kitchen. Don't have an inferior pizza: instead, order in the best you can, from Swindon's top restaurants. Check out local restaurants' menus, order through us, and wait for your tasty delivery to arrive. 

Swindon: Pick your perfect pizza to enjoy at home

There's so much choice on offer with pizza. It can be hard to know where to begin. Classic Italian pizzas are traditionally very thin, with a crisp base and a deep tomato sauce. Margherita pizzas are the classic, and some say still the best: they're topped with soft buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, making for a simple but delicious meal. Other popular Italian toppings include cured meat and seafood, but there's vegetarian options too. Roast vegetables make a fantastic topping, especially paired with sharp goats cheese and a balsamic glaze. 

Alternatively, American-style pizzas tend to be softer. New York pizza slices tend to be floppy and best eaten folded in half. But Chicago deep dish pies have a deep crust and the sauce on top on the cheese and toppings. They're best eaten with a knife and fork, to avoid any extra mess. 

And remember, there is no wrong way to eat pizza – especially when you sit back and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy restaurant-quality food at home today, and order your perfect takeaway pizza through Deliveroo.