Pizza delivery in St Albans

Whether it’s a few pizzas with your mates when the football’s on, or something a little more sophisticated, Deliveroo has you covered. Stretchy, melty cheese, rich tomato sauce, a crispy crust and all the toppings you could possibly want — who could ask for more from their takeaway?

Any enthusiast will know, though, that it’s not just about the pizza. You can’t forget the sides—we’ve got everything from dipping sauces and dough balls to hot wings and hand-cut charcuterie. Oh, and drinks. Fancy a beverage or two with your pizza? After all, there’s nothing like a nice cold beer to wash it down with. We can help you with that, whether you want a crisp lager or something a little more crafty, or even a nice, civilised bottle of wine. You can get it all through Deliveroo.

St Albans: American and Italian pizza specials delivered straight to you

Whether you like yours with the finest Italian mozzarella and hand cured salami, or you’re all about ham and pineapple, Deliveroo has something for you. When it comes to delicious pizzas, St Albans has a lot to offer, and we can help you to enjoy the best of the best from the comfort of your own home. Here at Deliveroo, we know what’s going down, and we’re determined to bring it to your door, fresh and hot and crispy out the oven.

St Albans has a lot to boast about, and the emerging foodie scene is definitely one of the core attractions of this city. With an ever-growing number of restaurants, from family favourites in the centre of town to little hipster joints selling classic American pizza pies, there’s something for everyone. You won’t be stuck for what to order: there's perfect pizzas to suit everyone.

Dreaming of a hand-stretched Neapolitan base or dying for a stuffed crust? Take a gastronomic trip to Naples or New York without leaving the comfort of your own sofa, with our great choice of pizza restaurants in St Albans.