Pizza delivery in Portsmouth

Pizza is one of the most recognised takeaway options but, if you want something that offers more than the average takeaway, look to Deliveroo and authentic, gourmet pizzas could be winging their way to you today. If you order with us, whether you are crazy for calzone or potty for pepperoni, we’ve got you covered!

Big and cheesy, vegetarian, hot or meaty, pizzas come in all shapes and sizes, with an extensive range of toppings – and our online menu listings cover the lot. But one important thing to remember is never to forget your sides when placing your order. Pizza is great, but what will you dip the crusts in? You need delicious garlic dips and authentic barbecue sauces. You also need to add in chicken wings and garlic bread for a real feast! Opt for desserts like ice cream to follow your meal.

Portsmouth: Having eyes bigger than your stomach is never a problem

Everyone loves authentic Italian pizza but other than hopping on a plane to Naples for a real Italian experience, the next best thing is ordering the best Portsmouth has to offer with Deliveroo. This isn’t just your typical pizza delivery, as Deliveroo have partnered with the best pizzerias in Portsmouth to make their menus available to you – so you get a fantastic choice of where you’d like your pizza to come from. You won’t be disappointed when you order with us.

Prefer organic pizzas? No problem, since there’s a range of pizza restaurants in Portsmouth that offer seafood pizzas with gourmet toppings that you won’t encounter anywhere else. Maybe it’s Chicago-style deep pan pizza that’s your favourite, or New York thin crust pizza – whatever you’re after, you’re sure to find it in our online menu listings, with the huge range of pizzerias in Portsmouth. And the best bit? We deliver your order direct to your door!

Eating in is the new eating out and enjoying your gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home is a far better experience than going to a busy, loud restaurant. Feed the family at home without even lifting a finger!