Pizza delivery in Loughborough

For those evenings when there’s nothing in the fridge, what can be done to fill that culinary void? We’d always recommend a pizza! It’s a crowd-pleasing food that’s hugely popular across the whole of the UK. And, in Loughborough, it won’t surprise you to learn there are many excellent Italian and pizza restaurants offering top class food.

At Deliveroo, we know the only real way to enjoy the best pizza is in the comfort of your own home. So, whether you’re ordering in for a big group of friends and family, or you’re just looking to treat yourself after a hard day, we can help. It’s no ordinary pizza takeaway we’re offering though. We work with the most reputable restaurants in the city to offer you a wide range of pizzas to choose from. As soon as you’ve ordered online with us, we’ll be busy preparing your delivery.

Loughborough meets Rome: Great pizza options across town

We can supply this iconic Italian dish in many forms - calzones, classic Neapolitan thin crust, stuffed crust and deep-pan - with toppings ranging from a margherita to a packed meat feast. And, if you want a more American take on the classic, we can offer that too. Choose a deep-dish Chicago style number, complete with meaty toppings smothered in a rich tomato sauce for a taste of Italian American pizza at its best.

If you do want an authentic Italian pizza, then you’ll be enjoying its thin crust. Hand stretched dough is coated in delicious toppings ranging from mozzarella and basil to Tuscan sausage and tomato, and baked in a wood firing oven. The result is thin, crispy and delicious – a real taste of Italy in your own home.

Order something traditional, as eaten in the trattorias of Rome or go for something more unique. Whether it’s bresaola and pancetta or ham and pineapple, there’s so much choice at your fingertips. Don’t forget the sides as well – garlic bread, fries and much more is on offer to complete your meal. We’ve made ordering so simple that the only difficult thing for you is choosing what to eat!