Pizza delivery in Liverpool

You can forget about gourmet burgers, tapas or Asian cuisine when it comes to takeaway in Liverpool, as pizza is what the Merseyside city is all about. Officially rated as the world’s most popular food, a delivery with Deliveroo means you can enjoy a taste of Italy from the comfort of your own home within minutes of ordering. With many serving disappointing fast food style dishes, Deliveroo have carefully selected from only the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias to bring you some of the tastiest and most flavoursome slices around.  

Good pizza is a work of art, whether it be a slim-crust pepperoni or a stuffed-crust vegetarian, Liverpool has no shortage of high-quality outlets. The gourmet pizza is now a cuisine that meets every occasion, as well as satisfying everyone’s food cravings, with an order from Deliveroo the easiest way to get a slice of the action!   

Liverpool: Gourmet pizza made easy

With a city the size of Liverpool, you would expect to find plenty of awesome pizza restaurants. This is most certainly the case – however, why hit a crowded city-centre establishment when you can enjoy some of the finest tastes from across Italy in the comfort of your living room? You can find contemporary twists on old Italian classics, with a whole host of exciting toppings leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to placing your order.  

Hearty meats, plus a range of seafood and vegetarian options are all available, each bringing their own unique taste of Italy to your door. Perfectly prepared, stone-baked pizzas are just a click away with Deliveroo, but don’t forget to add in your sides to complete the experience, like chicken wings, garlic bread and fresh salads, and no-one will be left feeling dissatisfied!  

You can even include some authentic local Italian drinks and desserts, with an ice-cold bottle of Peroni beer or a rewarding tiramisu with Nutella providing a delicious ending to any meal. Place your order with us now and sit back, before enjoying some of Liverpool’s finest cuisine without stepping a foot outside your door.