Pizza delivery in Leicester

No one can deny that pizza is probably the perfect takeaway food and is popular throughout the UK. You may well have a favourite pizza restaurant in Leicester already, and at Deliveroo we know the importance of getting a good quality takeaway. So, we work with the best restaurants in town to offer you plenty of choice. All the pizzas we offer are cooked by professional chefs and will be delivered straight to you.

Have a look through our extensive listings and order online with us. Before you know it, we’ll be with you, along with your takeaway delivery. So, whether you’re looking for an Italian thin crust pizza, or you’re more in the mood for a deep dish American style pizza pie, we can help you out. Our delivery system is super simple, so the most difficult part of it for you is choosing which pizza to order.

Leicester: Pizza perfection in the East Midlands

Pizza is no longer limited to a small number of toppings. The modern pizza originated in Naples, where bread was topped with basil, tomato and mozzarella and the Margherita was born. The traditional Italian staple now even graces tables at Michelin-starred restaurants across the world, with ornate toppings like caviar or lobster.

Our partner restaurants create marvellous margherita of their own, but there is so much more potential for pizza! Play it safe with tasty pepperoni. Fancy something tropical? Holler for a Hawaiian ham and pineapple. Need a meat fix? Marvel over a meat feast. Feeling deep? Go for a traditional Sicillian deep dish pizza. Or explore traditional variations on the margherita, like the capricciosa, which adds ham, artichoke, and mushrooms.

Whether you’re ordering for a group of family and friends, or you’re just looking to treat yourself after a tough week we know there will be something perfect for you. There are also many vegetarian options if you’re looking to drop the meat. Our menu listings for Leicester allow you to explore the full range of pizza options. Just order with a few clicks and wait for your speedy delivery! It’s that simple.