Pizza delivery in Leeds

When it comes to pizza - how do you like your slice? Everyone wants to personalise their pizza order and in Leeds, there is no end to the options in front of you! We’re not talking about the average margherita pizza you usually order: we’re talking about gourmet pizza with more toppings than you can shake a stick at, from the best parlours in town available right to your door.

Crust, or no crust? That is the question. Whether you're a dedicated dough disciple, or simply hankering after some cheesy fuel for that big game or box-set binge, pizza is the food that fits the bill in any situation. There's always the chance to choose your own and tailor toppings too and our top-class takeaway service allows customers to cherry pick from the pizza riches on offer around town. Order now for top-quality delivery of pizza!

Leeds: The place for pizza perfection

From simplistic classics like mozzarella and basil to modern American-inspired meatball feasts, there are top picks for any pizza palate with Deliveroo. If it is speedy slices you're after, you've come to the right place.

Are you a thin and crispy fanatic or a deep-pan and pepperoni puritan? You'll be able to find the perfect pizza for your party from the range of available restaurants offering fare for delivery fresh from the oven. From authentic Neapolitan offerings and Sicilian styles, to Chicago-inspired slices oozing with cheese – through Deliveroo there are options to suit any soiree.

Posh it up for the parents' visit with truffle oil, pulled pork, pesto or prawns, or go naked with no sauce, and big it up with béchamel or barbeque. Treat yourself to lashings of steak, or even go local with a crumbling of Yorkshire blue cheese for a slice of dough decadence. Whatever your pizza persuasion, nobody will go hungry, with vegan and gluten-free options also available. So find the pizza place for you, browse through their menu and place your order for a slice of perfection. Before you know it, you’ll have restaurant-quality food at your front door!