Pizza delivery in Inverness

There are few people who can resist the lure of a pizza. All of that delicious, savoury goodness on a thin and crispy base. Or all that cheese and meaty joy on a thick crust pie. Yum! And luckily for these pizza lovers, there are no end of choices throughout the UK. Inverness is no different. There are lots of top quality Italian restaurants, pizzerias and pizza joints across the city.  

But what if you don’t want to head out to pick it up? Or you just want to curl up on your sofa and enjoy restaurant-quality pizza from the comfort of your own home. Well, then Deliveroo has your back. We’ve teamed up with only the best restaurants across Inverness to offer you delicious pizza you can enjoy in front of your own telly, with your mates and none of the hassle of leaving the house. 

Inverness: Grab a pizza the action with Deliveroo

What’s your favourite kind of pizza? Are you an Italian classic aficionado, only content with a thin, crispy crust, mozzarella, olives, passata and herbs lovingly baked in a traditional stone oven? Or do you prefer the stuffed crust, deep pan American-style pie? Chicago-style pizzas are often beloved of those who like their meat. Pepperoni, salted beef, and much much more, all packed onto a deep base and smothered in a rich tomato sauce. Sounds good to us!  

Of course, the beauty of pizza is that you can find something for everyone. There are lots of vegetarian options, along with the potential to order cheese-free, meat-free and gluten-free options if available. And, if you like to order off menu and go for a combination pretty much no one else will like, you can. It’s the ideal mix and match feast.  

It’s perfect if you’re ordering dinner for a group of friends and family. Everyone, from the kids to the grandparents are going to enjoy being treated with lots of different choices. Don’t forget to include a selection of desserts in your order, we can help there too!