Pizza delivery in Hereford

It’s pretty well established that pizza was invented in Italy. But it’s also hugely popular across the whole world, including the UK. You’d be hard pressed to find a British city without loads of different pizzerias spread through its streets. And Hereford is no different. You most likely have a favourite Italian restaurant that serves pizza just the way you like it, but what about getting that kind of superior quality food in the comfort of your own home?

That’s where Deliveroo comes in. We’ve got together with the best pizza restaurants in Hereford to give you a huge choice. Have a look through our listings to find the perfect pizza pie, and then order online. Before you know it, we’ll be at your doorstep with your pizza takeaway delivery. It’s the best of both worlds – perfect, chef-cooked food at home without having to lift a finger!

Hereford: Grab a slice of the action and find your ideal pizza

Most people have a favourite pizza, whether it’s pepperoni or a meat feast. But there’s so much out there – maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit. Pizza’s particularly good to order in if you have lots of friends and family over as you can share it around. Everyone can taste a bit of everything, which is the answer to keeping people happy! It’s also great to settle back with it in front of the TV, one of the ultimate comfort foods.

For purists, the margherita can’t be beaten, with its thin and crispy base, sweet tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese – totally delicious. And for those who want to escape the traditional flat pizza, a calzone is the perfect answer. A dough base is turned over into a shape similar to a Cornish pasty, and it’s filled with whatever you choose. Lovely!

For those who are dairy-free, a marinara is the answer. This is a flatbread base, shaped like a pizza and smothered in oil, garlic, oregano and tomato. And for the extra hungry, deep dish Chicago-style pizza pie is ideal, with its thick base and even thicker toppings covered in tomato sauce.