Pizza delivery in Guildford

Pizza is now one of the nation’s favourite takeaway choices - we just can’t get enough of it. From the traditional to the exotic, everyone seems to love the stuff. It may be simple, but it’s absolutely delicious. Well at Deliveroo, we have a great restaurant and menu selection for pizza in Guildford. Just browse our options and pick your favourite type for a quality Italian takeaway.

From cheese, stuffed crust to thin base, pineapple and cheese to hot beef and chilli pepper, there are dozens of different styles of pizza out there. With Deliveroo, all you should think about is which type to order and we’ll handle the rest. After all, what’s better than snuggling down on the sofa with your favourite takeaway food? Just make your selection, place your order and our dedicated delivery team will arrive at your door in no time. It’s so simple.

Guildford: Pizza made with passion

Guildford’s pizzerias are right up there with the best. The chefs have had years of practice at perfecting the ideal pizza, which results in more enjoyment for you.

But when it comes to choosing your pizza, the question is: do you go with an old favourite or try
something new? It’s a tricky decision as the classics are all so good – pepperoni, margherita, ham and pineapple. But what about the things you haven’t experienced yet? For instance, have you ever tried calzone?

This is pizza with a twist - or a fold! Once the dough is rolled and topped, it is folded in half before
being carefully sealed around the edge. Think of a larger, flatter, Cornish pasty and you get the idea. Then it’s baked in the oven, or sometimes even fried. The major difference with calzone is that the filling is sealed inside the doughy parcel, so it remains lovely and juicy throughout the cooking. Sometimes an egg is included too, to give it more the style of a pie. If you’re tempted there’s just one more question - which sides to go for? We can’t decide that for you, but we’ll do the rest.