Gourmet pizza delivery in Exeter

Exeter, we know you love pizza. But we also know that you have a discerning palate. No half-baked food creation will do. You want to be plied with pizza that tastes like it just emerged from a wood-fired Italian oven. You want sun-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and pillowy, golden dough. And you want options: pepperoni, onions, sausage, yes—but also portabella mushrooms and truffle oil.

If you’re on a heavenly hunt for that perfect pizza, Deliveroo has what you seek. Whether you’re craving thin-crust or Chicago style, no longer must you look outside the comfy confines of your Exeter home for your next scrumptious slice. Place an order from one of our quality restaurants today, with the perfectly-calibrated, takeaway style pizza of your choice delivered to your doorstep within a matter of minutes. You will certainly not be left feeling dissatisfied with the number of dishes available.

Exeter: Brilliant pizzas baked on the banks of the River Exe

Exeter’s a city rich in history, and its modern-day form is sprinkled with all sorts of cultures. Fortunately, that diversity contributes to its varied cuisine, including—you guessed it—world class pizza! Whether you’re a traditionalist intent on acquiring a simple Margherita, or you’ve got an eye for the islands and prefer the Hawaiian variety, you’ll be able to find it with us. But you won’t have to look too hard, because you have Deliveroo! We’ll do the seeking—you do the eating.

Whether you’re looking for a large pie suitable for the whole family, or a small personal-pan pizza you can tease your colleagues with at lunch, Deliveroo will find it for you. Or, perhaps you need to get your pizza fix, but have dietary restrictions. We’ll make sure to find gluten-free options for you.

So, go ahead and get saucy today and order your next pizza from us! It may not be quite as exciting as stuffing your face in the city of Rome, but you’ll feel so much better chowing down from the comfort of your own home. Travel’s overrated, but pizza isn’t! Let us show you the dough.