Pizza delivery in Derby

Pizza is an amazing thing. It’s such a straightforward dish but it tastes absolutely incredible. We at Deliveroo offer delivery from some great pizza restaurants in Derby that boast a wide range of styles and flavours. Check out our online restaurant and menu listings to see exactly what’s what.

If you’re in serious need of a pizza then don’t fret – Deliveroo is here to help. Why should you have to go out to a restaurant to eat really well? We don’t think you should. Instead, just order exactly what you want and we’ll bring it right to you. We believe you should be able to have excellent food from home so just choose your pizza and sides and get ready for a mouthwatering takeaway.  Whether it’s a thin base or deep pan, a trusty standard or a personalised selection of all your favourite toppings, we’ve got you covered.

Derby: The perfect place for perfect pizza

When pizza came into being in Italy all those years ago it was a simple, rustic dish. It consisted of little more than a baked base of dough topped with tomato and cheese, and maybe a few fresh herbs. Now it has developed into one of Britain’s most popular dishes and Derby offers some of the best around, with a very wide choice of pizzas available too.

There are the trendy, artisanal, stone-baked pizzas with the very thin base that are cooked in traditional wood-fired ovens. These are usually topped sparingly with fine Italian ingredients such as cured meat, olives and speciality cheeses. Then, at the other end of the spectrum there are thick, American-style pizzas. This deeper style can be topped with everything from classic combinations such as ham and pineapple to quite unusual toppings such as macaroni cheese!

Whatever you choose though, don’t forget the side dishes. A fresh salad with peppery rocket, juicy tomatoes and balsamic vinegar is a nice complement to a traditional-style pizza. For the more extravagant selections, a classic like spicy potato wedges or barbequed chicken wings makes a fun addition and they are good for sharing, too.