Pizza delivery in Coventry

If you’re anything like us at Deliveroo then you’ll agree that life without pizza simply doesn’t bear thinking about. There’s just something about this rustic food that makes it a kind of staple. We’ve sourced some amazing pizzerias in Coventry so have a good look at our takeaway menus and, trust us, you’ll find something great.

Why should anyone have to make a choice between delicious food and personal comfort? Well, we don’t think they should, which is why we offer an alternative to trekking out to a restaurant if you want to enjoy a good meal. Instead, we deliver deliciousness to you at home. Simply check out the choices and tell us what you’d like. Make the order and we’ll handle the delivery. Isn’t that something? So go ahead, choose your perfect pizza and you’ll be enjoying it in next to no time.

Coventry: Perfect pizzas and perfect sides

It’s amazing, but somehow Coventry gets pizza right each and every time. Those experienced and passionate chefs toss that dough with real panache, so that when it comes out of the oven the pizza is just perfect. You’re in good hands as everything is so wonderful, but with a really wide range of styles and flavours on offer, choosing can be tricky…

A timeless choice is the authentic Italian-style pizza. The base is thin and often stone-baked for a really traditional crunch. Topped with simple, flavoursome ingredients such as salty olives, artichoke, creamy mozzarella and fresh basil, this rustic recipe is tried and tested and goes very nicely with a healthy green side salad.

Then again, you might be tempted by the more American take on this dish in the form of a deep pan pizza and sometimes even a stuffed cheese crust too. The toppings can be quite exotic, with everything from ham and pineapple to pulled pork and even macaroni cheese gracing the tomato base. Of course the tantalising sides are almost a meal in their own right. Chicken wings and spicy potato wedges are a must, and don’t forget a selection of dips!