Pizza delivery in Cardiff

Pepperoni perfection? Munching margheritas? Scintillating seafood with extra stuffed crust? If you haven’t already guessed, Deliveroo are talking pizza! That’s right! Why wait until the weekend when you can have gorgeous hot pizza brought to your door any night of the week? Simply log in and you’ll be presented with a delicious, tongue-tasting adventure through as many variations of hot pizza as you can think of.

The great thing about Cardiff is the wealth of choice for this famous Italian cuisine. It’s simple and double delicious. It’s also a favourite choice for everyone who desires a quick fix or an exciting dinner-time feast. Cardiff is famed for its diverse culinary options, so sit back and let Deliveroo bring the best to you. Margherita, meat feast, Hawaiian or four cheese, we will deliver your pizza!

Cardiff: Fantastic pizza on the go every day of the week

With so many delicious pizza designs there’s no need to compromise on the greatest fast food ever invented. Tomatoes are a given. So is cheese. But what next? Are you a meat eater? Some diced beef or chicken? Perhaps some ham and pineapple for a surf ’n turf? Or maybe hot and spicy pepperoni is more your thing? Whether you prefer your pizzas stripped back or covered in toppings, there will be pizza options that you can customise to your heart's content.

And then there’s the base. What kind of crust? Do you need gluten free or whole wheat? The choices are all there for the modern day pizza fiend. Vegetarians need not be left out. Many great pizza toppings are vegetarian friendly. Think of olives and peppers or mushroom and four cheeses, then add some artichokes, avocado, capers or spinach.

Seafood delights are also popular. Pick some prawns or tuna options. Anchovies are the most popular but salty, so you’ll need something to drink to wash it down. Whatever pizza you're craving, simply order through Deliveroo and we'll bring the restaurant-quality takeaway straight to your door.