Pizza delivery in Canterbury

Who doesn't love pizza? That cheesy gooey goodness…that soft, fragrant stone-baked dough. The freedom to choose your own toppings and really make a pizza your own. Pizza is the ultimate fast food! But it doesn't have to wear out its welcome fast. Fed up with soggy takeaway pizzas? With Deliveroo, you can order restaurant-quality pizzas from Canterbury's finest authentic pizzerias and have them delivered straight to your door!

From its modern origins in Naples, it's a quick, tasty meal that makes anything special. Movie night, babysitting, late-night studying, there's a pizza to spice up any occasion. With a huge range of toppings, sauces and bases available from our choice of the finest pizza restaurants in Canterbury, you can't go wrong! Say goodbye to soggy plastic cheese sticking to the lid of the pizza box and come to Deliveroo!

Canterbury: Pizza capital of the South East

Pizza as we know it originated in Naples, but the term dates back as far as the 10th century and was present in Latin manuscripts of the time. This puts the origin of pizza at around the same time as St. Augustine's Abbey was being rebuilt in Canterbury after Viking raids. Nowadays, the historic cathedral city plays host to several authentic pizzerias, and Deliveroo brings them all right to your fingertips!

Pizza is starting to appear on the menus of some of the most select restaurants in the world, with some high-priced versions teasing with toppings like lobster, smoked salmon, or even caviar! But we don't mess about with that. We bring you the best choices of authentic, delicious pizzas from Canterbury's finest pizzerias!

Proud of traditional pepperoni? Happy with Hawaiian ham and pineapple? Mad for a meat feast? Deliveroo's huge range of pizzerias boasts infinite combinations of toppings, bases and sauces. We even have options catering for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foodies, because we think nobody should miss out on the simple joys of pizza. We bring you Canterbury's best pizzas on demand and delivered straight to your door!