Pizza delivery in Basingstoke

When takeaway pizza is good, it’s really good - but when it’s from a gourmet pizza parlour it’s even better. Pizza is so well loved in Basingstoke because you can do literally anything with it; you can top it with any topic you can think of and still will taste incredible! Wouldn’t it taste even better if you didn’t have to go out to eat your favourite kind of pizza, if you could have it ordered for delivery?

With Deliveroo, you can have a slice of pizza from the cute little hipster joint in town or a bigger restaurant brought right to your door. All you have you need to do is decide on a place you’d like to eat from, place your order and we'll bring it to you. No scrambling for a parking space, no long wait for a table - just delicious pizza enjoyed at home.

Basingstoke: Treat yourself to a slice of heaven!

However you like your pizza, Deliveroo are on hand to provide it. The possibilities are endless so even the craziest combinations can make their way to your plate! Begin with your base - are you going for thin or deep pan? Stuffed crust or rustic?

Then move on to your toppings. You don’t have to stick to the traditional types of pizza like double pepperoni or salami and mushroom - you can venture out! Why not fuse two of your favourite types of takeaway food - Indian and pizza - and go for a base topped with chicken tikka pieces, fried onions and sundried tomatoes? Or try something fresher and stockpile your pizza with all the vegetables you can think of, truffle oil and pine nuts. Whatever your preference, we will have it at your door in minutes.

So the choice is yours - and you have so many options to pick! Load up on your sides, drinks and don't forget those little after dinner treats too. Cooking is off the table and so is going out to eat - settle in for a night on the sofa and have Deliveroo bring you some of the best pizza in town!