Pizza delivery? It's more than that.

Looking for the full Italian experience? Don't settle for second-rate Pizza. If you're pining for pineapple, it has to be the best ham Hawaiian at the table. For the classic cheesy, tomato topping, look no further than the margherita. Share a large bolognese pizza with friends, or order something a tasty seafood topping. The point is that there's pizza for everyone and every occasion, all available for local delivery with Deliveroo.

We work with only the best pizza restaurants across the country to offer you a wide choice of pizzas for delivery. They’re all prepared by top chefs, in professional kitchens and using only the finest ingredients, so you can be sure your delivery is the best quality possible. Order online with us, and your perfect pizza will be winging its way to your door before you know it.

The UK: Find amazing pizza the length and breadth of Britain

Italian food is a firm favourite across the UK, and there are plenty of great restaurants in every town and city throughout the land. Whether you’re ordering in for a group of friends and family, or you’re just looking to treat yourself on a Friday night, at Deliveroo we can help. We only deliver restaurant quality pizzas and offer a massive choice for you to decide on.

What's it going to be? A succulent Hawaiian, cheesy Margherita, vegetarian or seafood? Whatever it is, if it's on the menu we will bring it to you, whether you're at home or work. Browse your options; look for traditional Italian thin and crispy pizzas if that's how you like them. Enjoy fresh toppings and bite into food baked in proper pizza ovens. Or go for a deep dish Chicago pizza pie, with its thick base, mixed meat topping and sumptuous tomato sauce.

For a simple dish, look no further than the marinara: a classic combination of fresh tomato, garlic, oregano and olive oil. No pizza meal is complete without satisfying sides. How about garlic bread with mozzarella and a mixed leaf salad to go with your spread? Order with Deliveroo and eat soon!