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It's that time of year again when food-delivery service Deliveroo takes a look back over the past year to reveal its annual ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ - a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform from across the world.

Thursday 17th November, 2022. It's that time of year again when food-delivery service Deliveroo takes a look back over the past year to reveal its annual ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ - a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform from across the world. From Pad Thai to Pain Au Chocolat, as well as a look at some of the most interesting order comments and rider insights.


Here’s a taster of this year’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo around the world - with two UK dishes in the top ten globally (see editor's notes for the full top 100 list):

  • Pita Chawarma from Poulet Mezzencore, Paris, France
  • Burrito from Chipotle, London, UK
  • Schiacciata Favolosa (Sandwich) from All'Antico Vinaio, Firenze, Italy
  • Chicken Sando from PICKL, Dubai, UAE
  • Make Your Own Poke Bowl from Surfside Poké, Liege, Belgium
  • Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh, UK
  • Mixian with 1 Topping 米線+一餸 from Tamjai Yunnan Mixian 譚仔雲南米線, Hong Kong
  • Fish Burger from MOS Burger, Singapore
  • Iced Café Americano from Starbucks, Kuwait
  • Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Cork, Ireland

    From Pita to Poke, no two dishes are the same in the global top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo in 2022. In fact, the food-delivery company has revealed that 2022 has the most eclectic top 100 list in recent years.

    Last year, Hawaiian poke bowls dominated the Deliveroo 100 list, reaching the number one spot in six different countries. However in 2022, customers have been branching out with their eating habits making for a varied trending dishes hotlist.

    Burritos have reached the top spot in three markets, and whether in a wrap or a bowl they make up 5% of the global 100 trending dishes. It’s no surprise that pizza makes up 4% of the global 100, and people around the world are keeping it traditional with all four pizzas being the classic Margarita. Nonetheless, a firm favourite in the Deliveroo 100 throughout the years is the trusty burger, which has remained the top choice for food delivery around the world, making up nearly a quarter (24%) of the global 100 list.


    Here’s a list of the UK’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo for 2022 - for a list of the UK’s top 30, see editor’s notes:

  • Burrito from Chipotle, London
  • Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh
  • Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London
  • Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis, London
  • Regular Fried Chicken Strips from Clucking Oinks, York
  • The Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes, London
  • Perfectly Ripe Avocados from Waitrose, London
  • House Black Daal from Dishoom, London
  • Original Frozen Yogurt from Snog, London
  • Jerk Chicken and Chips from White Men Can't Jerk, London

The Burrito from Chipotle has won the hearts and stomachs of Londoners this year - making it to number one in the UK top ten list. Elsewhere in the UK’s top trending ten, Scots have been going mad for a Pad Thai as Ting Thai Caravan takes the silver medal, and The Cheeseburger from Five Guys has once again made it to the top ten list, this year winning bronze.

Office workers in the UK’s capital have been taking a healthy turn as they’re loving Salad Bowls from atis, and locals up in York have been going crazy for chicken from Clucking Oinks. Londoners are also major chicken fans, with a spicy entry from Popeyes at number six and Jerk Chicken and Chips from White Men Can't Jerk in 10th. It’s no surprise that the UK’s favourite fruit, the avocado (yes, it’s a fruit), has once again taken the reigning grocery medal, with a pack of Avocados from Waitrose sliding up into 7th place, just about overtaking Dishoom’s famous House Black Daal.


From burgers to berocca and bath bombs, Deliveroo customers have turned to the food-delivery app to for just about anything. The company’s riders have travelled the equivalent of 453 times to the moon and back in 2022, delivering from over 59,000 restaurants and 7,000 grocery partners.

Deliveroo has seen some interesting trends this year in the UK…

Some habits never change - the most popular delivery requests from Brits this year have been:

  • “No onions please”
  • “No pickles please”
  • “Salt and vinegar please”
  • “No mushrooms please”
  • “No coriander please”

    Meanwhile, some of the more unusual delivery requests include:

  • “can I have 5 mayonnaise tubs and ketchup all over 1 small chips”

  • “don’t ring the doorbell it’s super loud!”
  • “Chilli sauce please lads. It’s all been so good this week, thank you very much. Love you guys ❤️ will bring you some beers soon”

    Ordering habits can vary locally based on where Brits live, some regional trends and data reveal…

  • Neediest cities: Chippenham locals are the pickiest eaters as they take the reigning spots for the town with the most delivery requests. However, it seems that the Welsh are even pickier, with Port Talbot coming in 2nd and Bridgend 3rd.
  • ‘Sauciest’ cities: Londoners are the sauciest Brits, ordering the most sauce with their orders, followed by Cambridge and Brighton. Across the UK, the most popular sauces are Katsu Curry Sauce, Chilli Oil, Ketchup, Milk Chocolate Sauce and Garlic Mayo.
  • Night owls: Brighton locals are the biggest night owls in the UK, as they take the top stop for the most late night ordering, followed by Leicesterians and Londoners.
  • Living for the weekend: The city with the most weekend orders is London, closely followed by Cambridge and Reading.
  • Poorly cities: Leeds locals order the most painkillers, with Bournemouth coming in 2nd Colchester 3rd.

    On Valentine's Day, Deliveroo found that customers were leaving gifts until the last moment, as the company saw an 13.36% increase in gifts on Valentine’s Day itself compared to the previous two Mondays.

    It comes as no surprise that Red Roses were the number one item ordered on Valentine’s Day, followed by B&J’s Banoffee Pie Ice Cream and a Co-op Irresistible Special Cuvée Prosecco.

    Brits were certainly loved up this year, as Deliveroo saw an surge in heartwarming personalised order requests on February 14th, including:

  • "Add note please: To the first valentines married, and many more adventures, silly laughs, and happy moments. I love you my forever valentine!”

  • “Can you please add a note to box saying, "happy galentines day lovelies xx”
  • Message on package please: Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved future wifey….. Hubby will always love you no matter the distance between us ❤️

    With gifts, a touch of humour or a simple ‘I love you’, there are many ways to tell dads that they’re doing a good job. Sons and daughters around the UK were showing their appreciation for dads on Father’s Day this year through simple messages on their Deliveroo orders:

  • “Could you please write the phrase “My Hero” on the heart shaped donut as it is for father’s day”

  • Pls put a note: Happy Father’s Day daddy! Thank you for working hard everyday. I love you!
  • A little girl will be enjoying this with her dad for Father’s Day so if the cakes could include a strawberry tart and a carrot cake they would love that! Thanks so much

Chocolate gift boxes topped the list of most popular Father’s Day items, over gifts like beer, aftershave and beard grooming products. The most popular Father’s Day gifts were:

  • Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Celebrations Chocolate Gift Box 240g
  • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Box 200g


    A closer look at Deliveroo’s top 100 reveals some fun foodie ordering trends over the course of 2022.

    Crazy For Chicken Whether fried, grilled, rolled into a wrap, or between two buns, it’s clear that people love chicken with poultry-based dishes filling nearly a quarter (23%) of all the spots on this year's Deliveroo 100. Favourites include the number 1 dish, Pita Chawarma poulet (Shawarma kebab) from Mezzencore, Paris, France, The Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes, London, UK and Pollo allo Spiedo (Roast chicken) from Giannasi dal 1967, Milano, Italy.

    Tasty Traditions Some countries around the world are keeping it traditional, with favourite national dishes making it to the list, including Pain Au Chocolat from Chez Meunier, Paris, France, Spice Bag from Xian Street Food, Galway, Ireland, Pizza Margherita from Assaje, Milano, Italy and Men Wah BBQ Pork with Egg and Rice 敏華黯然銷魂飯 from Men Wah Bing Teng 敏華冰廳, Hong Kong.

    Comforting Classics Our classic comfort foods - pizza, burgers, burritos and kebabs - fill 34 of the spots on this year’s Deliveroo 100, with favourites including the Chicken Sando from PICKL, Dubai, UAE, ShackBurger from Shake Shack, Kuwait, Burrito from Chipotle, London, UK and Double Mushroom Swiss Meal from Burger King, Singapore.

    Fro-yo Forever It looks like the froyo fad is very much still relevant - five sweet dishes have made it onto this year’s Deliveroo 100, two of which are Frozen Yogurts, the Small Cup (With Topping) from PICK, Kuwait and, Original Frozen Yogurt with Toppings from Snog, London, UK.

    Hands On Customers around the world are ditching the knife, fork, and spoon for a more hands-on experience - 60.6% of the 94 dishes in the global Deliveroo 100 list (excluding drinks and grocery items) are foods that people tend to eat with their hands such as Schiacciata Favolosa (traditional florentine sandwich) from All'Antico Vinaio, Firenze, Italy, Chicken Wings 烤焗雞翼 from PizzaExpress, Hong Kong and Baked BBQ Pork Buns from Tim Ho Wan, Singapore, meaning that customers around the world are likely to be having a cutlery free experience when ordering a Deliveroo.

    For the full list of Deliveroo’s 100 top trending dishes ordered around the world in 2022

    Please find PDF here.

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