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11 May 2022: Deliveroo has increased its number of restaurant partners in Bristol by two-thirds since the start of the pandemic and has seen its order numbers nearly triple, as it continues to expand across the UK.

  • Customers in Bristol can now order from an exciting range of independent restaurants and high-street favourites, as restaurant choices grow by two-thirds (67%) since the start of the pandemic
  • Orders in Bristol have nearly tripled over the same period as consumer choice expands
  • Deliveroo has supported nearly 1,000 new jobs with restaurant partners in Bristol since it first launched in the city seven years ago
  • Grocery offering has also expanded rapidly across the city in the past two years, with consumers now able to order from Co-op, Waitrose and Sainsbury's

11 May 2022: Deliveroo has increased its number of restaurant partners in Bristol by two-thirds since the start of the pandemic and has seen its order numbers nearly triple, as it continues to expand across the UK.

With the platform now celebrating its seventh birthday in the city, Bristolians can enjoy ordering from the many new local favourites on Deliveroo such as Asian fusion kitchen WokyKo, laid back barbeque restaurant Low and Slow, and Berlin-inspired, vegan-friendly kebab restaurant Hoba Kebab.

The increase in restaurant partners has been matched by a huge growth in orders, with Deliveroo data showing an increase in orders of nearly 180% on the platform compared to April 2020, highlighting the continued popularity of getting Bristol's favourite restaurant and takeaway dishes delivered to your door in as little as 30 minutes.

The growth has also helped the hospitality sector create jobs, with Deliveroo supporting nearly 1,000 new jobs with restaurant partners since the company began operating in the city in 2015.

With more and more customers in Bristol using Deliveroo to order in their favourite dishes and groceries, new data from Deliveroo has revealed that the most popular orders for Bristolians are:

  • Dirty Double (Double Patty) from Oowee Diner
  • Souvlaki Saver for One from The Athenian
  • Cheeseburger from Five Guys
  • Korean Fried Chicken Katsu Curry from Woky Ko
  • Barbecue Box from Low and Slow Barbecue
  • Buttermilk Bites from Coqfighter
  • Semi-Skimmed Milk from Co-op
  • Chicken Katsu Curry from Kokoro
  • Jerk Fried Chicken with Carib island sauce from Biblos
  • Falafel in a Box from Eat a Pitta

Alongside supporting Bristol’s impressive food scene, Deliveroo has also rapidly expanded its grocery offering in the city over the past two years, partnering with a range of independent convenience stores and big supermarket brands including Waitrose, Co-op and Sainsburys. Deliveroo now has five times the number of grocery partners since the start of the pandemic and data from last month reveals that the top-selling grocery items in Bristol are milk, bananas, cucumber, raspberries and avocados.

Deliveroo is committed to supporting the growth of small and independent restaurants and 60% of its restaurant partners in Bristol are independent local businesses. It has created new revenue streams for homegrown culinary talent - helping many partners implement new delivery services to sustain their business. Some of its most popular restaurant partners in Bristol include plant-based burger chain Oowee Vegan, late-night Chinese restaurant Mayflower and fresh Greek food restaurant Taka Taka.

Deliveroo has recently invested in a new office in the heart of the centre of Bristol, to allow the team to expand, and reflecting the strength of Deliveroo’s commitment to the city.

Deliveroo Vice President of Regional Growth, Jeff Wemyss said: “It’s amazing to see our strong growth in Bristol with order numbers nearly tripling and our restaurant partners growing significantly. Customers in Bristol have relied on Deliveroo to bring their best-loved restaurants direct to their doors throughout the past seven years - and particularly during the pandemic - and we’re happy that they continue to do so now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted. We’re proud to play our role in Bristol’s diverse food scene and look forward to a bright future here.”

Director of Biblos, Ariel Czaczkes said: “Emerging from lockdown and with people returning to dine in restaurants, Deliveroo has been instrumental in helping us to reach new customers in Bristol. The restaurant scene here is extremely competitive and we wouldn’t have been able to grow our customer base in the same way without Deliveroo.”

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