Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Southampton restaurants

There’s something so fun about Mexican cuisine, isn’t there? It’s absolutely delicious certainly, but it’s also a really enjoyable food to eat. It brightens up a working lunch no end and is perfect f or an evening sharer too. Have a glance at our Mexican restaurant and menu options for Southampton and let’s see if we can get this little party started!

Of course there’s no need to traipse out to a restaurant to enjoy all this mouth-watering Mexican food. Whether you’re in the office or chilling at home, we can bring the food to you. It’s no average takeaway - it’s something superior to all that! This is proper, restaurant standard food paired with a speedy delivery. We only ask one thing of you: tell us what you want and where you want it. Check out the choices, place your order and Deliveroo will take care of the rest.

Southampton: Mouth-watering Mexican cuisine

So you’re ready for Mexican? Well Southampton’s certainly ready for you. Its Mexican restaurants are the bee’s knees and we at Deliveroo are more than ready to deliver their tastiest dishes. So now it’s time to decide what to order.

Everyone knows about nachos, but you need nachos covered in melted cheese and fiery jalapeño. Dipped in juicy tomato salsa and cooling crème fraiche, these simple corn chips make a major snack or a great starter. A nice choice to accompany a film for movie night too.

As a main course, burritos are unbeatable. A straightforward flatbread forms the shell of this delight. In the middle is placed the perfectly seasoned chicken, the salsa, the guacamole, cheese and hot spice. It can’t be tackled with cutlery and will probably spill everywhere, but that’s what makes Mexican cuisine so enjoyable. Branching out a bit, enchiladas are baked tortillas that are topped with a lovely tomato sauce and melted cheese. The fillings range from five bean chilli to spiced Mexican chicken and always deliver an absolute wallop of flavour. A grilled chicken and chorizo salad is a slightly healthier option that still delivers a kick. So order with Deliveroo now!