Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Loughborough restaurants

The perfect blend of spice, bite and colour helps to make Mexican cuisine what it is - universally popular and incredibly tasty! Whether it’s a night in on your own or a party with friends there is an array of dishes from this vast Central American nation that has made its way to Loughborough. Plus, it offers a healthy and convenient alternative for locals looking for a change from the usual pizza or curry. Deliveroo’s takeaway delivery service offers restaurant-style Mexican food for you to enjoy at home or at work.

Whether it’s rice, vegetables and beans wrapped lovingly in a warm corn tortilla, chilli con carne heaped on top of a bowl of fluffy long grain rice or carne asada charred to perfection, you’ll come across a dish that appeals. Heat is a big part of Mexican cuisine, but there’s more to it than that!

Loughborough: New home of the perfect burrito?

Among the many culinary delights in Loughborough are burritos. On ordering from one of the town’s growing number of Mexican restaurants, you can expect to dine out on burritos containing all kinds of fillings. With a base of white rice, beans, cheese and peppers, you can add meat including grilled chicken, steak and shredded BBQ pork. For vegetarians, spinach, feta and extra beans are tastier options.

If you’re after something with a little more complexity and depth of flavour than chilli sauce, there’s always molé. This luscious dark brown sauce is made with ground chillies and nuts and emulsified with dark chocolate to counter the acidity of lime juice that comes with grilled meats. What’s more it’s perfect as a topping for an enchilada or inside a crispy quesadilla.

At home, you might want to order a few dishes to share. To this end, a plate of nachos will fit the bill, particularly in front of a film or live sport. Crispy tortilla chips, smothered in sour cream, jalapeňo peppers, melted cheese and spicy salsa. There’s so much choice, and once you order our delivery team will do the hard work.