Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Leicester restaurants

Mexican food is one of the brightest, most varied, and exciting cuisines in the world. The earliest incarnation of Mexican food dates to the Aztecs, who used the fruits of the land as staples, like corn, beans, avocados and chilli peppers. Mexican food would later adopt a lot of Spanish influences from the conquistadors as well, creating a popular rich cuisine. And with Deliveroo, you can enjoy authentic Mexican food right here in Leicester!

Forget torrid takeaways or supermarket ready meals – Deliveroo will bring top-quality Mexican dishes straight to your table. From terrific tacos, fizzing fajitas and creamy quesadillas to bulky burritos, Deliveroo's dishes are freshly made to order by professional chefs in the most reputable Mexican restaurants across Leicester. And, we deliver them direct to your front door. Just browse our extensive online menu listings to see the full range of this fascinating fare and place your order.

Leicester: A Mexican metropolis in the East Midlands

In a busy tourist destination and university town, time may be short. Plus, energy may be low and then it's far too easy to fall into the trap of ordering a standard takeaway or picking up a ready meal at a supermarket. But Deliveroo are here with a different solution – you can order top-quality Mexican food to eat in, and have it delivered direct to your door!

Mexican food is a fusion of indigenous ingredients, its development originally influenced by South American civilisations like the Aztecs, and cooking methods brought to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. Over the centuries, that combination has yielded a fantastic array of dishes, from traditional favourites like burritos, tacos, fajitas and enchiladas. But there's more to Mexican food than the popular dishes we know and love.

Explore the mysteries of Mexican cuisine with Deliveroo. Enjoy a favourite food of Mexican holidays and try a tamale. For a change to your usual meaty morsels, try barbacoa or carnitas or carne asada. Dismiss the boring old guacamole and enjoy a variety of dishes topped with a range of mole sauces. With Deliveroo, you can bring the true flavours of Mexican cooking to your table!