Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

Want to tuck into some tasty chilli? Fancy a fajita? Hunger for a burrito? If Tex-Mex and Mexican food is your favourite, then we can help. Deliveroo and lots of premium Mexican restaurants across Lancaster are working together to bring you excellent cuisine, with minimum hassle.

At Deliveroo we know how important time is, whether it’s time to spend with family or friends, or time to relax in a fast-paced world. Sometimes you want to enjoy excellent quality food, cooked by the best in the business, but you don’t want to go out and you definitely don’t want to cook. We’re here to help. Ordering in restaurant-quality Mexican food in Lancaster has never been easier. All you need to do is decide which spicy dishes you want to eat, and order online. We’ll bring your Mexican delivery right to your door.

Lancaster: A city with plenty of Mexican choices

Finding a restaurant, booking a table and tackling the traffic can take the edge off your evening’s enjoyment. A better way to enjoy your favourite Mexican food is at home with your family and friends. Or, if you’ve had a hard day, just on your own! Mexican food lovers know that there are two different types: Tex-Mex (a fusion of American/Mexican cuisine) and authentic Mexican.

Whether you prefer nachos (covered in cheese and chillis), or authentic chilaquiles, we have you covered. Chilaquiles also use toasted tortillas, but generally are served with grilled chicken rather than cheese, as well as green or red salsa and a sour cream dip. Tacos arabes are also hugely popular in Mexico. These are tacos stuffed with generously-spiced meat (or beans for vegetarians) and served in a flour tortilla.

Enchiladas are a simple but gorgeous guaranteed crowd-pleaser, with corn tortillas packed with chicken and smothered in salsa, cheese and sour cream. Or, if you’re looking for something different, order pozole. This stew is made from various meats (usually chicken and pork) and vegetables. Just don’t forget the tequila to go with your takeaway!