Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Inverness restaurants

Whether we’re talking about American-style Tex Mex food, or authentic Mexican cuisine, there’s no doubt about its huge and enduring popularity in the UK. And there are lots of good quality Mexican restaurants across most cities in Scotland, including Inverness. You most likely have a favourite restaurant already, but what if you could have the same quality of Mexican food in the comfort of your own home?  

Perfect for sharing with friends and family, Mexican is a spicy, warming treat guaranteed to spice up your takeaway evening. Or you could cater for a dinner party with lots of different Mexican dishes (if you’re not sure what you want, read our brief guide to help you out). Simply order online through Deliveroo and we’ll bring your takeaway delivery straight to you. Before you know it, you’ll be tucking into your favourite food, without having had to leave the house! 

Find your ideal Mexican food in Inverness with Deliveroo

For an authentic take on classic nachos, order chilaquiles. Almost the exact same dish, the only thing different is there’s no cheese, just lots of salsa, chicken, and sour cream on top of toasted corn tortillas. Delicious! Lots of amazing Mexican dishes originate from street food, but have a restaurant twist. For example, if you’re walking the streets of Mexico you will more than likely see people selling esquites. This is a cup of maize, which is very similar to corn, covered in spices, salt, lime and chilli. You’ll find a variation on an authentic Mexican restaurant menu as well – give it a try.  

Famously difficult to make, and complex in flavour, mole is a sauce made from more than twenty different ingredients. It comes in lots of different varieties, often depending on its origin city in Mexico. Black and green moles are very popular, with rich, deep, spicy and almost chocolatey flavours.  

For a very authentic Mexican food experience, order pozole. This is an almost ancient dish originating from the Aztecs, and is a slow-cooked stew made from corn, pork or chicken and vegetables. There are lots of different varieties of pozole, flavoured with different herbs and spices.