Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Gloucester restaurants

Gloucester, we’ve done our research, and we know that when it comes to authentic Mexican food, you know fact from fiction. Your discerning palate only goes for the choicest chorizos and the most tender of pulled pork, and your burritos are crafted only with freshly prepared tortillas. This is what you have come to expect when it comes to eating Mexican, and Deliveroo is here to provide it — and the best part is, you won’t have to leave home to get it.

Your path to fresh Mexican takeaway delivery is as easy as “uno, dos, tres”! Using our website or smartphone app, simply select your favourite Mexican dishes from some of the freshest, most authentic options in the Gloucester area. Submit your order, and in no time at all, our riders will arrive at your door with your fresh burritos, loaded nachos, and bounty of tacos!

Gloucester: Deliveroo brings you excellent Mexican!

On a blustery Gloucester day, you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to harsh weather conditions for the sake of your salsa. Further, once you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll have to contend with large crowds, close quarters, and the ever-dreaded process of getting a takeaway box. A Mexican meal should relieve stress, not induce it!

That’s our mindset at Deliveroo. We’ll provide you with access to items from your favourite Mexican restaurants, and make them available to you via our website and smartphone app. Simply tap or click on the items you crave — fresh tortilla chips, vegetable fajitas, or loaded nachos — and we’ll take care of the pick-up and the delivery. All you have to do is make sure you’re hungry once we arrive!

So today, you should curl up with an order of tacos, a bag of fresh tortilla chips and spicy salsa. We at Deliveroo assure you that your next authentic Mexican meal is far closer than you think — in fact, it’s just a click away! Save some burritos for later, or keep a couple tacos on tap. Even fill up on tortilla chips, if that’s your desire! There’s no judgment at home!