Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Ellesmere Port restaurants

Mexico has most certainly arrived in Ellesmere Port with its extensive list of high-quality restaurants in the local area. But why go out to a restaurant, braving the elements and potentially long queues? It’s much better to just stay at home and let Deliveroo do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re in the mood for a burrito or a fajita or something a little more unknown like sweet mango cod, Ellesmere Port can cater to your heart's desires. And if it’s street food like comforting black bean soup or crispy prawn tacos you’re after rather than traditional restaurant meals, again Deliveroo is on hand to find and bring you the best of Mexican cuisine. Be careful though. The taste may be so fresh and fantastic that you may feel that you’ve just landed right in the middle of a busy market in Guadalajara.

Many Mexican options to choose from

Like its capital Mexico City, Mexican cuisine is colourful, diverse and blisteringly vibrant. Your taste buds will be tingling from the first bite and we can guarantee it will be like something you’ve never tried before. The pick and choose nature of Mexican food is something that has gone down well in Ellesmere Port. We friendly northerners love to share and care and be merry, so it’s only right that Mexico has made its marvellous mark on the North West. Many Mexican restaurants do a selection or feast deal, including an array of tacos and quesadillas, so why not order that and get everyone round your dining room table?

Desserts are also a must. The heavenly taste of churros (long thin doughnuts) and hot chocolate sauce has not been mentioned yet, but you won’t be able to stop after trying it. The crispiness of the churro is a perfect dip for the rich flavour and creaminess of the chocolate sauce and it guarantees ultimate food satisfaction.

Now you’ve got some ideas for your takeaway treat, what are you waiting for?! Just order from Deliveroo’s online listings and let us introduce some Mexican magic into your life.