Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Durham restaurants

It may not be possible to enjoy the beach life Mexico offers while in Durham, but you can definitely enjoy the food. Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine is always popular with people across the UK, and nowhere more so than in Durham. There are many restaurants in the city offering authentic Mexican dishes to try, so order online with Deliveroo to enjoy them as home delivery.

We offer restaurant standard takeaway, so you can be sure anything ordered with us is of the highest quality and delivered directly from skilled chefs to your door. So if you love scrumptious Mexican food and you want to entertain your guests then you’re in the right place. Just order online with us and we’ll speed your delivery to your door, as soon as we can. Now you need to make the decision as to what to order.

Durham: Unearth authentic Mexican dishes easily with Deliveroo

Everyone has their favourite vibrant Mexican dish.. With easily interchangeable vegetarian versions of most of the classics available with no bother, Mexican cuisine is a real crowd pleaser. It’s an excellent choice if you’re catering for a celebratory dinner party as the food is shareable, fun and spicy.

Try steak filled tortillas seasoned with cumin, chili powder and salsa. Alternatively, tuck into super-tasty carnitas, pork sandwiches made with shredded meat and BBQ sauce. Include in your order all the requisite sides, including fries, salads and vegetables and tuck into gorgeous stews if you’re in the mood for something more homely. And when it comes to dessert, there are loads of interesting options to choose from.

Order a churro, which is the Mexican version of a doughnut, delicious served with powdered sugar and chilli chocolate sauce, for a traditional dessert. A dulce de leche roasted banana split gives a bit of spice to an old favourite, while chocolate pots de crème – a Mexican chocolate cup flavoured with cinnamon – are simply divine. Cool granita, made of melon and topped with refreshing sauce, make for cooling finales to a spicy dinner.