Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Derby restaurants

Mexican food is a fabulous takeaway choice as it’s both delicious and great fun to eat. It’s a spicy kind of cuisine that’s just full of beans… quite literally. If you’re craving an overflowing taco or some topped nachos then you’ve come to the right people. We at Deliveroo have found some of the tastiest Mexican restaurants in Derby, so scroll through our menus and see what grabs you.

We think it’s madness to take all the trouble to go out to a restaurant in town when you can have amazing food delivered to your front door. We do speedy delivery from a great range of incredible restaurants so you can just relax. Have a top-notch takeaway today and we know it’ll put a smile on your face. Just check out our Mexican options and pick some favourites, place that order and get ready for a flavoursome feast. 

Derby: A city overflowing with Mexican flavour

The thing to remember about Mexican cuisine is that it’ll probably get messy, but this is all part of its charm. Derby’s booming restaurant scene includes some Mexican restaurants of a very high standard so when you order with us you know you’ll be in for a delicious time.

The classic choice when it comes to Mexican is the burrito. The flat tortilla bread is filled with lovely grilled chicken. Added to this are cheese, salsa, beans and salad. The whole thing is carefully wrapped into a neat parcel which inevitably spills over your hand as you indulge. It works well as a vegetarian option too, as the chicken is easily substituted with various meat-free fillings.

Enchiladas are another popular option which, unusually, require cutlery! Similar to a burrito, the basis of the dish is a filled tortilla. Once rolled, a few of the parcels are placed together, covered in a rich tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese. The dish is baked in the oven till the top is crisp and the filling is piping hot and delicious. Whatever you select, with Deliveroo you can trust that the spirit of Mexican cuisine will brighten your day.