Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Cardiff restaurants

On an evening in Wales, there’s one thing guaranteed to clear a cold, satisfy your hunger and fulfill a craving for flavour. At Deliveroo, we call it going Mexican! It’s the perfect food to eat while watching the rugby or football. And though a relatively new cuisine in Cardiff, it’s very popular.

When you think of Mexican food, pictures of a large smiling family seated around a dinner table, all reaching for tacos and nachos come to mind. You can almost smell the thrilling flavours of dishes like freshly cooked tortillas, beans and chicken in a hot chilli sauce. There’s no need for stiff table manners and cutlery isn’t even considered. You know what Deliveroo are talking about – and we’re here to bring it to you! If you don’t want the standard takeaway fare, just visit our menus for authentic dishes prepared by the best chefs in Cardiff.

Cardiff: Hot Mexican food every night of the week

One of the most common ingredients of Mexican food is the chilli pepper. There are many different types, the poblano and the habanero being two of the most well-known, and it is always worth checking out the heat rating of a dish before ordering. Another feature, and one of the enjoyable aspects of Mexican food, is the colourful variety of the dips and sauces. There’s the lush green of guacamole, the creamy white cheese dips and the fiery red salsa. These are also the traditional colours of Mexico.

Some great-tasting dishes include barbecued chicken with grilled sweet peppers, chorizo and potato pambazos, and tortillas stuffed to the brim with beans, salad, salsa, cheese sauce and jalapeños. Alambre is a famous dish you may also wish to try. This will appeal to the barbecue fans. Grilled beef, bell peppers, chopped bacon, onion, and cheeses are dipped in sauces and then skewered to roast on an open grill or barbecue.

Mexican food is also vegetarian-friendly. Many of the dishes are served with beans and vegetables rather than meats. So why not try something new, courtesy of Deliveroo? Just browse our online restaurant and menu listings now, and make your order!