Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Brighton restaurants

Brighton may be in the south of the UK but it definitely doesn’t get the same sunshine as Mexico. However, it still experiences the heat, with its abundance of Mexican cuisine! So spice things up with a dinner with a difference – without even having to leave the house. Deliveroo has a plethora of menus for some of Brighton’s best Mexican eateries – just browse our online listings and make your order to receive restaurant-quality food. It saves on going out to queue at an establishment of your choice.

Deliveroo have Latin food menus that will simply blow your mind with flavour, and we don’t mean the habaneros! Though Mexican cuisine is usually full of heat, you can tone it down with dollops of sour cream and by opting for lightly spiced foods. Mexican food is so full of flavour and goodness you’ll find the standard takeaway boring after you’ve tried it!

Mexican delicacies waiting for you in Brighton

Margaritas, sangrias, tequila – oh my! Brighton is a party city and if you’re putting on a dinner party with friends, you’ll need a theme. Mexican can be your theme, with its delicious drinks, fantastic food and dips to die for, all available from Deliveroo. Stuff your tacos with anything from barbecue-pulled chicken to minced beef and gooey cheeses. Salads, chilli con carne and beef slices with lemongrass are all amazing choices and you can order anything you like from our menus.

How about ordering in a pozole? Much of Mexican food is made up of a corn base and pozole is the heartiest of corn stews. Or you might wish to fill your tummy with fresh guacamole made with lime and the ripest avocados, chimichangas, and homemade corn chips with tomato salsa – it’s a winner! Mexican is a highly moreish cuisine – with an incredibly filling result – so you’ll want to take time over your meal.

Ordering in Mexican with Deliveroo is like being teleported overseas, suddenly having colour and creativity in every dish you get. Brighton is blessed with fine Mexican restaurants, but why go out when you can eat in with Deliveroo?