Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Belfast restaurants

The number of Mexican and Mexican-fusion restaurants in the UK has risen hugely over the last few years – and we’re not remotely surprised. It’s a delicious cuisine, with spicy taste sensations delighting people across the country and across Belfast. If you’re looking to order food from your favourite Mexican restaurant in Belfast, then Deliveroo is here to help you out! We’ve collected together listings from premium restaurants across the city for you to choose from.

We deliver in most areas of the city and would be delighted to help your evening go with a bang by bringing your Mexican takeaway order straight to your door. You don’t even have to move off the couch! Just order your choice of Mexican food from our site, and we’ll whizz your delivery to you as soon as we can. The perfect way to have a great night in!

Belfast: A city of Mexican taste sensations

One of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine is the humble burrito. Translated as ‘little donkey’ in Spanish, the burrito is a staple for Mexican food lovers. The wheat tortilla houses a savoury filling made of beans or minced beef. Excellent for meat lovers or vegetarians alike, it’s a spicy taste sensation that comes in many different varieties. Along with tacos and fajitas, it’s probably one of the more familiar dishes to people in the UK. But there is much more to Mexican cuisine.

Try chilaquiles for something different. Traditionally a breakfast dish, it’s made of corn tortillas that are lightly fried and cut into quarters, covered in salsa (red if you want a spicier flavour), with scrambled eggs on top. Sometimes pulled chicken is also used, along with cheese and cream. Serve with a big portion of refried beans (frijoles) for an authentic dish.

Tostadas also use fried tortillas, served with many garnishes – anything from seafood to cheese, cooked meat to ceviche (marinated raw fish). Enchiladas are tortillas stuffed with seafood, veggies, cheese, meat – or all of the above! Covered in a chilli sauce, they’re absolutely gorgeous and a great choice for your Mexican fiesta. Enjoy!