Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Aylesbury restaurants

Mouth-watering fajitas, spicy burritos, stacks of nachos… What’s your favourite Mexican dish? Mexican flavours are hugely popular across the UK and a takeaway from your favourite restaurant can be the perfect way to end a busy day. There’s something fabulous about the sharing nature of Mexican dishes, and it’s a great takeout choice if you have people over to your house. And who doesn’t like salsa, shredded cheese and varieties of chilli beef? Don’t worry, if you have vegetarians to feed, there are plenty of meat-free options too!

If you’re new to Mexican food, or just not sure what you’re in the mood for, let Deliveroo guide you through our listings of the best Mexican food in Aylesbury – and then bring it right to your door. Yes, that’s right. All the flavours of Mexico in a food delivery, with none of the hard work of cooking. Perfect!

Aylesbury: Home to a plethora of Mexican favourites

The most popular Mexican food dishes have to be nachos, fajitas and tacos. In fact, a lot of Mexican cuisine as a whole either is accompanied by, or contains, beans and corn tortillas. Sometimes the beans are mashed, as in the common side dish refried beans (frijoles refritos). Mashed beans are also used in the vegetarian version of enchiladas, which are tortillas made of corn, stuffed with beans and topped with lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Other big restaurant favourites are tostada (deep fried tortillas with shredded meat, vegetables, or seafood on top), prawn skewers and quesadillas.

Why not try a traditional meal like corn and meat stew called pozole, a pork and bean stew called frijoles charros or tamales, which are a kind of dumpling. For dessert you can tuck into delicious doughnut-like churros, covered in powdered sugar or chocolate sauce. Delicious!

For a more adventurous Mexican treat, try escabeche, marinated fish which is then pickled. Ceviche is also a fish dish, but is served raw. You can have your Mexican food as hot or as mild as you like, just make sure you order enough for everyone, it’s bound to disappear fast!