Lebanese food delivery in Watford

Watford's food scene is growing fast, and some of the real success stories of the past few years are the city’s Lebanese restaurants. There’s more choice than ever before, and the city can really offer a genuine taste of the Middle East. Lebanese food is some of the healthiest about, with plenty of grilled fish and fresh vegetables, whole grains and ripe fruit.

There’s something for everyone with Deliveroo’s Lebanese takeaways. Why not go for a giant mezze platter, piled high with all sorts of luscious, creamy dips and tasty treats like stuffed vine leaves and bite-sized, flaky pastries. Greasy doner kebabs with sad, limp lettuce leaves can be a thing of the past when you’ve got fresh and flavoursome Lebanese kofte and succulent shawarma on tap, wrapped in flaky laffa bread, crisp and fresh salads, and zingy zhoug – a green chilli sauce that’ll set your world alight.

Watford: Enjoy a taste of Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine has a reputation for being one of the most sophisticated on the planet, and it’s easy to see why when you order a takeaway from one of Watford's top-quality restaurants with Deliveroo. From fresh and fragrant tabbouleh to creamy hummus, and thick, fluffy flatbreads, we can deliver the best that Lebanon has to offer. 

Get ready for a meal that’s packed full of lemon, garlic and olive oil. Tantalise your tastebuds with tangy pickles or sink your teeth into pillow-soft pittas, delight in fragrantly spiced meat dishes or crsipy falafel. Get all this and more when you order Lebanese food from Deliveroo. Just visit our online menu listings for reading to savour, and to make your selection. 

Hot flatbreads fresh from the oven, tables heaving with sharing mezze and the taste of rich, heady spices sum-up what’s best about Middle Eastern cuisine. The Silk Road used to begin in the Lebanon, and traders from across the world brought global flavours with them. You can still taste this influence today, in scented rice dishes and hearty stews that make up a cuisine that draws on flavours from across the world, but is very much Middle Eastern.