Lebanese food delivery in Southport

When you think about ordering a takeaway meal, it may be easy to forget about Lebanese food. This is actually a country with a wide range of dishes with bold, punchy flavours that you might consider if you’ve enjoyed takeaway pizza too often of late and are looking for a different treat to enliven your night. And it couldn’t be easier to bring a taste of Lebanon into your home than with Deliveroo. Our service cuts out the mundane effort of going to a restaurant for food, or slaving over a hot stove to prepare it for yourself.  

After several clicks of your mouse, one of our Deliveroo delivery staff will have an order of authentic cuisine winging its way to your table. What could be simpler? Is it raining outside? Don’t fret, with our prompt delivery team you can relax and let us face the elements! 

Lavish Lebanese food in Southport

Big flavours characterise Lebanese food. Juicy kebabs come flavoured with aromatic spicy sauces, broken up with refreshing salads and freshly-baked pitta breads to scoop the food up with. It’s a cuisine of contrasts, sure to satisfy hungry bellies while providing something original. Are you fond of bold flavours? Some of the mainstays in Lebanese food are garlic, oil, herbs and lemon juice. 

For vegetarians and those looking for a lighter bite, you may consider a mezze plate. These plates often consist of fluffy pitta bread, mint and coriander leaf salad, freshly made hummus, baba ganoush and al dente-cooked or pickled vegetables. The big flavours here are certain to intrigue palettes grown weary of standard takeaway.  

Deliveroo make it so easy to experience the unique foods the world has to offer, all within the comfy surroundings of your home. Think of it this way: each time you broaden your horizons and try a different type of cuisine, placing an order with us, you’re essentially transforming your dining room into a different restaurant. Meal time should be a convenient and pleasurable experience; order online today for a feast of the senses!