Lebanese food delivery in Portsmouth

Traditional food doesn’t get much tastier than Lebanese cuisine and, in Portsmouth, traditional is exactly what you get. The food is similar to what can be found in many areas of the Middle East and while most Lebanese restaurants offer the regular dishes such as hummus, tabbouleh and falafel, there is usually a medley of others to be discovered outside the standard menu options. Ordering online with Deliveroo, to experience the best Lebanese cooking at home, should be exactly what you go for this evening! Made with fresh ingredients, your meal will transport you to the Lebanon with its tastiness and aromas.

Deliveroo is a premium delivery service, so if you crave something more than the average takeaway, you’re onto a winner with Lebanese fare. Make sure you invite your friends round and enjoy some of the most wholesome food you’ll ever experience.

Portsmouth: Bringing the Middle East, West

If you want to experience authentic Lebanese food in Portsmouth, you should ensure that you order in a dish of sujuk. Sujuk is grilled Lebanese spicy sausage and has a Middle Eastern kick due to the spices used. If this hasn’t got your stomach rumbling in anticipation of good food, just try and say no to homemade sawda – chicken livers with lemon and fresh vegetables. If you aren’t interested in going out to eat, great, because eating in is far better with Deliveroo!

Allow authentic chefs to cook up grilled meat marinated to perfection and serve it with kallag, Lebanese bread with halloumi cheese. Makdous, pickled eggplants with nuts and garlic, should absolutely make an appearance on your dinner table, along with fresh kale, quinoa and walnut tabouli. You will find restaurants with the best kofta around, served with a sprinkling of sumac – a popular spice mix.

Deliveroo has partnered with most Lebanese restaurants in Portsmouth and this means you have a wealth of choices available to you when you browse our online menus. Feel healthy and yet fulfilled with your meal and know that each time you choose to order in with Deliveroo, you’re getting quality!