It’s hard to resist the temptation of Lebanese food

Rare lip-smacking Lebanese food may have unusual names but the tempting aromas of this exotic cuisine are enough to tempt every avid foodie. Manchester restaurants make great Lebanese dishes which can now be yours to enjoy at home thanks to Deliveroo. Just take a look at the mouth-watering restaurant menus on offer. Tuck in to some moutabel, a spicy dip, is served alongside warm freshly made bread or shish kebabs wish a side of stuffed vine leaves. When you want a taste of the Middle East from home, Deliveroo are on hand to help.

Invite your friends over for a bowl of creamy bread pudding or a plate of sticky sweet baklava to end a meal of spicy falafels in warm pitta bread for a night of food heaven to remember.

Manchester’s versatile Lebanese menu features lip-smacking Lebanese dishes

Some days we all want a break from cooking and from traditional dishes we eat every day. Why not try a night of Lebanese goodies? Exotic dishes from Lebanon include mouth-watering dishes of lamb kebabs, chick pea falafels smothered in chilli sauce and cooling yogurt and healthy tabbouleh salads filled with local spices and herbs. When you want to escape to exotic lands without leaving the house, order online with Deliveroo for the best restaurant takeaway in town.

Great for sharing, Lebanese food is perfect for when you want to gather your loved ones around the table for a night of feasting. Deliveroo’s online restaurant menus bring you the best of Manchester’s Lebanese food for home delivery.

So why not tuck in to a bean stew and ‘Shidon’ or fava beans served with rice, some delicious creamy hummous with warm flatbreads, stuffed vine leaves, warm green bean salads and of course some heavenly sweet bakalava to end the meal. Deliveroo’s Lebanese restaurants bring the Middle East to Manchester. So when you feel like eating something extraordinary, just go ahead and place order with Deliveroo for an unforgettable feast to enjoy at home.