Lebanese food delivery in Loughborough

Adopted by many neighbouring countries in the Middle East, Lebanon’s cuisine is world renowned. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular in the UK, and nowhere more so than in Loughborough. You may already have a favourite Lebanese restaurant in town, but at Deliveroo we like to help you enjoy top quality food in the comfort of your own home.

So, we work with the best establishments in town to offer you a huge variety of Lebanese food. All of which are lovingly prepared by skilled chefs and concentrates on fresh ingredients and authentic flavours. If you’re looking for Lebanese food to enjoy at home with your loved ones, just look through our listings and order online. Our dedicated team will bring your restaurant quality takeaway to your door. Then, we’ll leave you to devour it – sounds good, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for?

Healthy Lebanese food can be found in Loughborough with Deliveroo

Many of these fine restaurants offer delivery with us, taking fragrant yet spicy dishes from the kitchen to your door without any fuss. For sharing, a mezze platter works perfectly, while dishes to enjoy on your own can fill you up without adding too much to your waistline! Dips, wraps and salads form a big part of Lebanese cuisine - you won’t be disappointed if counting the calories!

Accompanied with crudites, salad and freshly-baked pita bread, there are a lot of Lebanese dips you could have for a light lunch or to share with friends and loved ones on an evening. Baba ghanoush, made with roasted aubergine, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini and garlic, manages to be creamy yet tart at the same time. Salads made with nothing but fresh vegetables, pulses and spices are always a treat.

Meat-eaters won’t miss out either. Lamb and beef are key parts of some dishes, including kofta meatballs, kebabs and shawarma wraps. As for desserts, what could be better than flaky, nutty baklava? Layers of filo pastry dotted with chopped nuts and bound together with honey will surely indulge your sweet tooth, working really well when served with a pot of mint tea.