Lebanese Delivery in London

Whether you fancy a falafel or are tempted by tabbouleh, you’re bound to find the perfect Lebanese food on the Deliveroo Lebanese section for London. The capital’s restaurants have an unrivalled choice on offer, ranging from the traditional and authentic through to the modern and innovative. We’ve sought out a selection of the very best, so all you have to do is make your choice and order online. We’ll deliver direct to your door with no fuss.

Lebanese is a deliciously different and surprisingly versatile choice, so when you feel like a change from the usual takeaway options ordering a Lebanese feast makes perfect sense. There are dishes that are perfect for lunch, dinner, parties and more besides. As well as meat and fish options, there are also a number of tempting vegetarian dishes available, and don’t forget to treat yourself to some sumptuously sweet baklava for dessert!

London: Luscious Lebanese lunches and dinners, brought to you by Deliveroo

Many quintessential Lebanese dishes make for filling and satisfying main meals. Succulent kebabs cooked over charcoal, as well as other meat dishes are tasty and warming. Delicately seasoned fish also features in many of the popular main meals. If anything, however, vegetarians get the best deal from Lebanese cuisine. Falafel, made from ground chick peas, is a satisfying alternative that even meat eaters will approve of, while warm, fresh flatbreads are particularly delicious when dipped in hummus or tahini. Vegetable dishes featuring aubergine are also well worth sampling.

One of the great traditions of Lebanese dining is the sharing of a range of hot and cold meze dishes, and ordering a spread of these is a great way to enjoy a varied and decadent dinner. This could include a number of the dishes already mentioned, as well as stuffed vine leaves and of course plump, succulent olives. For a lighter option, also try some salads, including the famous tabbouleh of bulgur wheat and chopped herbs. Let your next food delivery transport you to the exotic climes of the Lebanon!