Lebanese food delivery in Glasgow

Lebanese cuisine is famous for incredible use of seasoning and herbs in meat dishes. Lebanese kbakeeb (fried meat) contains juicy read meat dipped in batter and deep-fried in oil. Kibbee nayeh is its unripe version. Made from fresh and juicy minced lamb meat, it’s a real treat for non-vegetarians. Minced meat is mixed with cracked wheat and seasoned with spices that taste absolutely heavenly. Fasoulia or fried lamb meat served with white beans and steamed rice is cooked in tomato sauce.

Shish taouk or chicken kebab and shawarma or meat served with vegetables on pita bread make an awesome side-dish alongside Lebanese bread and rice. While shish taoul is marinated overnight, shawarma is made from freshly shaved off meat. If you want to try mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine in Glasgow, remember to order it through Deliveroo’s online platform. Deliveroo’s restaurants offer scrumptious Lebanese takeaways for home delivery.

Glasgow: Awesome food from Lebanese kitchens

Renowned as the ‘Paris of the Middle East,’ Lebanon is a small country located in the Middle East with a distinct beauty and charm reflected in its diverse culinary culture. If you want to experience the mouth-watering awesomeness of Lebanese cuisine, make sure you order it through Deliveroo’s online ordering platform.

Whether you crave for spicy Lebanese chicken (fried in butter and served alongside tabbouleh, hummus and pickles) or gooey toum (garlic chutney) that pretty much smells like heaven, Lebanese cuisine will bring diverse dishes to your dinner tables. Djaj a riz or chicken with fried rice is show-stopping. This enchanting dish contains diced lamb, chicken, rice, pine nuts and plenty of almonds. It’s a fancy amalgam of various ingredients. Mahshi kousa is stuffed zucchini topped with red tomato sauce. Sambousik is fried meat and pine nuts wrapped in pastry. It’s so awesome that it’s difficult to avoid!

If you feel like eating Lebanese food, go ahead and order a Lebanese takeaway at Deliveroo. Glasgow restaurants offer the luxury of home delivery as well, so you can sit back and enjoy a heavenly Lebanese meal at home.