Lebanese food delivery in Edinburgh

Lebanese cuisine is a type of Mediterranean cuisine, influenced by regional cooking styles. Lebanese kitchens use an abundance of whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. Animal fat and poultry are prominent items in meat dishes. While red meat is eaten in mountain regions, the deserts use garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs in large quantities. These ingredients enhance the flavour of Lebanese dishes.

If you’re fond of Lebanese food, there are plenty of restaurants in Edinburgh that serve it. From grilled halloumi (goat and sheep milk cheese) to foul medammas (blobby brown mush of fava beans, parsley, garlic and lemon) and manakeesh (Lebanese version of Italian pizza), Edinburgh restaurants cover it all at Deliveroo’s ordering platform! Deliveroo features a list of restaurants that serve premium Lebanese food which you can order as takeaway for home delivery. Go ahead and enjoy incredible Lebanese cuisine at home.

Why are people in Edinburgh crazy about Lebanese food?

Lebanese cuisine is not only delicious but also generous and exquisite. People in Lebanon welcome their guests with open arms. Lebanese tradition promotes the sharing of ideas and food over table. Perhaps, this is why the culinary culture of Lebanon has travelled far and wide throughout the world. Like Western and Eastern cultures, the Lebanese enjoy a three-course meal for lunch and dinner.

The meals usually start with small portions of appetisers or mezza that consist of salad, dips and raw or pickled vegetables served alongside bread and hummus. Also, their meals usually include marinated seafood and meat kebabs, mainly kafta, which is minced lamb meat rolled into a sausage-like form and then cooked or barbecued on the grill. It is followed by Lebanese desserts made from clotted cream or ashta, served with shortbread filled with date paste and nuts. There is no doubt that you’ll fall in love with Lebanese cuisine once you give it a try.

If this makes your mouth water, then order authentic Lebanese food from Edinburgh restaurants through Deliveroo. Deliveroo offers takeaway home delivery so you can enjoy your meals at home.