Lebanese food delivery in Durham

Lebanese cuisine could be described as comfort food at its very best. It’s an aromatic, delicious cuisine threaded through with the flavours of the Middle East. Ideal if you’re catering for a large group of friends and family, and just as delicious for a smaller meal for two (or even one), Lebanese food is hugely popular, and for very good reason.

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Durham: Take your taste buds on a journey with Lebanese fare

Poultry and seafood have a special place in Lebanese cuisine, and there are also many vegetarian options. Regional specialties from the more mountainous areas add in red meat, including goat or lamb. Whether you’re looking for meat filled dishes or meat free meals, Lebanese chefs guarantee deliciousness with their use of seasonings like all spice, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Dig in and savour the flavours of the Middle East as you enjoy your dinner with friends.

Start with a Mezze of mixed dishes. These should be served up altogether in the middle of the table so that guests can help themselves. Dishes include everything from tasty appetisers, dips, breads and olives to much more complex meat and seafood dishes. If you’re a big fish lover you could try any baked fish seasoned with oil, garlic and lemon and grilled on mesquite charcoal for truly authentic flavours.

For dessert, you could go for baklava with its filo pastry layers drizzled in rose syrup and scattered with nuts. Or you could go for delicious desserts like znood el sit or kunafa, all of which use kashta, a clotted cream prepared with milk, rose and orange water.