Lebanese food delivery in Derby

Lebanese cuisine is all the rage in the UK and looks set to become a favourite. The food of Lebanon has something for everyone, with plenty of spices, loads of flavour and a wide range of meaty and vegetarian dishes, it’s little wonder that it’s so successful. Explore our Lebanese restaurants and menus for Derby today and see what all the fuss is about.

We at Deliveroo think that if there’s one thing that ruins a delicious meal it’s the hassle of getting to and from the restaurant. Well, with our delivery service all of that is a thing of the past. We’ve selected some fabulous restaurants to make your life easy. Simply let us know what you’re in the mood for and we’ll bring it to you. Look through our takeaway menus, place that lovely Lebanese order and let the good times roll!

Derby: Culinary delights of Lebanon

If you’re not clued up about Lebanese cuisine just yet then don’t fret as you’re in good hands. Derby has some brilliant Lebanese restaurants that deliver fantastic dishes full of authentic flavour and we’ve handpicked some of the best. Let us fill you in…

As a starter, falafels can be served in a flat bread to make a little wrap but are also great just as they are. These balls of ground chickpeas may not sound like much but taste absolutely divine. Deep-fried until crisp on the outside, but still soft on the inside, the texture is so satisfying that often meat-eaters can be tempted away from their usual choices!

As a main course there’s nothing quite like a lamb tagine. Named after the traditional tagine, the special Lebanese pot it is cooked in, this lamb stew is a far cry from what you might expect. With the addition of dried apricots and figs, this is a savoury dish with some unusually sweet notes. It is best enjoyed served on a bed of warm couscous. Finally, no Lebanese meal is complete without baklava. This dessert consists of multiple layers of syrupy pastry and makes for a very nutty indulgence.